Links to Sherwood Youths' peals and other significant performances are shown below. Although all the peals from the peal book have been entered as well as those imported from Pealbase notifications still arrive about missing peals especially handbell records and the exercise should be considered an on-going "work-in-progress".

This work entailed entering all the performances from the peal book which covers the period 1761-1971 into Philip Saddleton's Pealbook software. The whereabouts of the Society's records from 1972 through to 2000 is unknown. Accordingly the information has been supplied from Andrew Craddock's Pealbase and imported into the Pealbook software.

It is not known who was responsible for entering all the early peals into the Society's peal book. It precedes work done by George Dawson.

Attempts have been made to show the correct weights for the main Nottingham towers.

At the time of writing the following work still needs doing:

  1. Checking all entries for the 18th & 19th century and if possible rectifying any name anomalies
  2. Resolving those performances where a ? is entered
If you are able to supply any information please email me.

Notes: Where a ringer is referred to as Jnr in the peal book the name of the "Snr" has not been changed even though it subsequently shows "Snr" in the peal book. Similarly "Jnr" is used even when it is apparent that the "Snr" is no longer ringing. Some peals only use the Initial of the ringer, others use a full name - where it appears obvious the full name is used.

Where the name of the tower has changed the current one is used and the older name is detailed in the footnotes.

Additional comments or notes are shown in the footnotes as: [Ed - xxxx]

There are some interesting peals and footnotes - enjoy reading them.

Tony Lees

Update Notes
23/06/2011 Added Spliced Major handbell quarter rang 22 June
20/03/2011 Added Shrove Tuesday 1825 peal discovered by Michael Poppleston
15/01/2009 Added another new Jan handbell qtr to Miscellaneous (Joan Bird)
08/01/2009 Added new Jan handbell qtr to Miscellaneous (Tony Lees)
15/12/2009 Corrections as detailed below (with thanks to GRH)

04/10/2009 Added missed out Greasley peal 30 Nov 1963
22/08/2009 Added new July handbell qtr peals to Miscellenous
19/07/2009 30 Apr 1955 peal at Nottm St Mary - correct spelling for Denis Mottershead
17/07/2009 19/07/2008 Corrections to tenor numbering where strapped, combine centuries
07/07/2008 Added peals dated 13/11/71, 18/12/1971

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